Impact Hero Day

Your Challenge – Your Growth

Up to 30 selected ventures work with industry expert volunteers and student volunteers on develeoping their sustainable business during one day!

The Impact Hero Day is a one-day online-event for 30 European ventures dedicated to climate neutrality, circular economy and supply chain thereby making a sustainable contribution to responsible business practices and operations. The ventures apply with one personal challenge that they are currently facing.

During the ‘Impact Hero Day’, these challenges are addressed by interdisciplinary teams – composed of industry expert volunteers, student volunteers, one team coach and at least two venture representatives. Each solution will be presented to a jury. Out of 30 teams, the jury will select 10 teams who will be granted a seat in the following 6-month acceleration programme. The team that can demonstrate the biggest improvement after this stage will win a 5,000 € stipend.

The ‘Impact Hero Day’ takes place on Tuesday 25 May 2021, from 9 am – 7pm (CET). It is completely digital and free to participate.

Check out the timeline for the Impact Hero Day 

Join as a venture

Join the Impact Hero Day and work together with experts from leading companies on your own challenge to boost your business! Get exclusive industry insights during the ‘Impact Hero Day’ in an inspiring digital atmosphere. You will have the chance to showcase your work and pitch your business idea at the European Social Economy Summit 2021. Possibility to enter the exclusive six-months accelerator program the ‘Impact Hero Lab’ as one of ten finalists; with an individual team mentor who will support your growth journey.

What challenge are you currently facing with your venture? 

The Impact Hero Day is all about your business! 

Apply for the ‘Impact Hero Day’ with a challenge that your company is currently facing. This can be a business challenge, a technical challenge or a validation challenge. This challenge should be solvable within the one-day ‘Impact Hero Day’. 

Business Challenge

Market, Strategy & Marketing

Are your facing a business challenge that needs to be solved with the help of real experts?

Technical Challenge

Front-End or Back-End

Is your venture experiencing a great technical challenge for which you need the support of some skilled experts?

Validation Challenge

Business Model

Do you need to validate your business model? Let’s boost your business during our one-day event!

Requirements to participate in the Impact Hero Day 

Please read the following information carefully. The following requirements must be fully met in order to participate in the ‘Impact Hero Day’. 

This year we are focussing on climate change, circular economy or supply chain. 

Your company faces a real challenge that can be solved during a one-day event in an interactive team. Your challenge needs to be categorised into one of three challenge types: business challenge, technical challenge or (business model) validation challenge.

Your venture is more than just an idea and in the stage of pre-seed, seed or startup.

At least two representatives of your venture are available at 25 May 2021 (9 am – 7 pm CET) and at the onboarding day on 10 May 2021.

Apply now for the Impact Hero Day

Become one of 30 selected ventures to work with industry expert volunteers.

Work on your personal venture’s challenge of and boost your venture to the next level. If you can show a significant development, you have the chance to gain a spot in the acceleration programme and finally win the 5,000 € ‘European Impact Hero‘ stipend!

The application for ventures is closed.

Join as a volunteer

Join the Impact Hero Day and support the development of social and sustainable ventures with your expertise, input and unique point of view. Work together with other volunteers from leading companies and aspiring entrepreneurs from all over Europe and help them with your own skillset to tackle their challenge. Gain new insights for your own work, meet like- minded people and work in a digital international start-up atmosphere.

Requirements for participation as a volunteer

Please read the following information carefully. If you are not sure, whether your skill set is applicable  contact us! 

Business challenge: Market, Strategy, Marketing, Procurement, Sustainability or Business Development

Technical challenge: UX/UI, Web or Mobile Development, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Open Data, Robotics

Validation challenge: support a venture in validating and improving their business model

You are an expert from the supporting companiesMicrosoftSAP, Audi or Volkswagen Group. 

You are currently enrolled as a student and want to volunteer and work in an exciting international start-up atmosphere. Do you have skills in marketing, technical or business areas? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

You are an expert working in the field of climate change, circular economy or supply chains. 

You are available at 25 May 2021 and at the onboarding day on 10 May 2021 

Join the Impact Hero Day now

Support ventures working on their growth as an industry expert, corporate volunteers or highly motivated students from all over Europe. 

The application for experts is closed.

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